Assistive Technology for Cerebral Palsy

While there is no proven cure for cerebral palsy, numerous alternative devices can be used to assist patients and help them handle their disability to be more capable and qualified in performing certain tasks to achieve greater independence.   Assistive technology for cerebral palsy is a method used to improve the lifestyle of persons with this disorder. It includes procedures and “a wide range tools and equipments”. This approach can help them to function more efficiently acquiring greater independence and in hope that they will be able to live their lives as normal as possible.... Read More

Celebrities with Cerebral Palsy

People suffering from cerebral palsy usually get into depression and stress thinking that they won’t be able to live a normal life and achieve their dreams and goals like other people. Fortunately, this approach or way of thinking isn’t true at all as it has been proved that people suffering from cerebral palsy still can take control of their life and maximize their potential to achieve what their goals. You could many famous celebrities with cerebral palsy who have been able to gain fame and success by keeping their determination and hopes high. The famous people who have achieved fame... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Birth

Knowing that a loved one is in a state of a serious seemingly untreatable illness may lead one to drown in wave of doubts in search of questions and answers. Adequate knowledge is the right weapon to relieve the common possible apprehensions. Cerebral Palsy, most popularly known as CP, is a term used to identify children who are born with physical disabilities, many times due to lack of oxygen at birth, for some reason. It is an abnormality in the brain’s motor system. Sadly, the extent of the damage to the brain will be there for the rest of the child’s life. Cerebral palsy is a... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Stories

A disorder of muscle, movement, posture that is caused by an abnormal development or injury in the immature brain mostly before birth is known as Cerebral palsy. The people suffering from this condition usually have abnormalities like hearing or vision problem, intellectual disabilities or seizures. There is no cure for this disorder and only few treatments or methods could be used in order to help the patient to gain control over his/her life. Child suffering from cerebral palsy isn’t the only who gets effected by this disorder. The whole family tends to get into depression seeing their... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Surgery

Surgery is one of the options available for managing symptoms of cerebral palsy.   Cerebral palsy surgery is performed to people to help reduce muscle stiffness or spasms so to allow the affected joints to become more flexible and limbs to have control.   Detecting the problem muscles can be hard, it requires special skill. According to a qualified cerebral palsy doctor “when contractures are serious enough to cause worse movement problems, surgery is recommended. Further, a surgeon can lengthen muscles and tendons that are short but first they must locate specific ‘offending’... Read More

Incidence of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy is commonly known as inability to control movement due to impaired motor and it is caused by brain damage. Thus, brain damage is usually a result of abnormal development of the brain and it occurs during the developmental years of the child’s brain – before birth, at birth or immediately after birth. Signs and symptoms of CP may not be evident at birth though some are most likely born with the condition, some acquired it at birth due to some instances that trigger it. It will be apparent once the child experiences a delay in the development of physical and mental... Read More