Cerebral Palsy Herbs

A condition that causes physical disability in the development of human being by affecting the brain and nervous system is known as Cerebral Palsy. The word “Cerebral” basically means affected area in the brain whereas the word “palsy” stands for partial or complete muscle paralysis that is accompanied by the uncontrolled body movements as well as loss of sensation. This disorder is however, not progressive but develops during childbirth or pregnancy. There are various treatments available to cure cerebral palsy such as speech therapy, physiotherapy, biofeedback, orthotic therapy,... Read More

The Importance of Cerebral Palsy Wheelchair

For any type of mental or physical disorder there are lots of equipments and instruments that are used to maintain the life of patients. The availability of such equipments and instruments is really very necessary because it helps the people to enable the patients for an active life. Yes, in most of the mental disorders it has been observed that patients feel loss of movement and running. It is because of the muscular effects. As you know, most of the mental disorders directly attack the body muscles so it is important to see the muscular disabilities because of these disorders. The cerebral... Read More