Cerebral Palsy and Aging

When patients suffering from cerebral palsy grow older, they are forced to face many new challenges that weren’t present earlier. Although, cerebral palsy is considered to be non- progressive disorder, few secondary conditions and complications tend to arise along with cerebral palsy and aging gets worse such as internal distress, muscle tightness etc. Studies have shown that people suffering from cerebral palsy encounter similar problems in older age if compared with non- disabled people. Adults with Cerebral palsy experienced negative effect during the process of aging such as unexpected... Read More

Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy

Cerebral palsy is a condition in which certain damage is done in the parts of brain that results in the physical disability in early childhood. This disorder is not progressive but no cure has been found till today to cure this disorder completely. However, you could help the patient suffering from this disorder to gain a firm control of his/ her life without having to depend on other people by making use of certain treatments. Epilepsy on the other hand, is a disorder of brain in which an affected person tends to get recurring seizures. When an electric signal sent by the nerve cells of... Read More

Cerebral Palsy and Sports

Not too long ago, if a person with disabilities like an individual with Cerebral Palsy is involved in sports, he is probably the manager or assistant of the athletes. There is actually a wall that prohibits people with Cerebral palsy from competing. Commonly, we all believed that these individuals should be treated carefully, considered as fragile and prone to injury. However medical practitioners state that strength training could possibly improve the person’s capabilities. They considered that probably athletic participation and physical involvement of person with CP athetosis, type of CP... Read More

Cerebral Palsy vs Mental Retardation

Cerebral Palsy is a condition wherein the part of the brain of an individual that controls the coordination and posture is affected. A person with cerebral Palsy oftentimes doesn’t have the capacity to walk without assistance, eat, speak and swallow properly. It is due to the disorder of the brains motor. Primarily, the cause of CP is the injury on the child’s brain before delivery or sometimes after delivery. On the other hand, mental retardation is a condition when a person has low intellectual functioning compared to the other children at his/her age. Usually a child who is mentally... Read More

Cerebral Palsy and Education

If your child is a patient of cerebral palsy then to have an education about this particular disorder is highly essential for you to have. In other words, at some point of your life, you would realize a need of getting cerebral palsy education to help your child gain the highest potential. There are various special programs and education services available that are meant to help the parents of patients gain required information about this particular disorder. It is vital that parents are well educated about the condition as they are the first person to assist the patient. Knowledge about... Read More

Cerebral Palsy and Autism

Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder that affects the movement of the body, muscle coordination, muscle control, reflex and other motors affected by the disorder. It is usually caused by the trauma or damage of the brain before birth, at birth or soon after birth. Autism is a disability on the child’s development that usually appears on the first three years of the child’s life. The characteristic of autism can be mild to severe and can be classified based on behaviours or the extent of their behavioural problem. The signs and symptoms may manifest during early infancy, instances... Read More