Acupuncture for Cerebral Palsy

The childhood disability that affects the muscle tone, motor skills and movement is known as Cerebral palsy. It has been found that 1 out 300 children tend to suffer from this disorder there hasn’t been a proper and complete cure found for this disorder. However, acupuncture therapy is gaining rapid popularity these days and considers being an effective therapy in treating cerebral palsy. It has been found that Vietnam hospital is providing cerebral palsy acupuncture therapy to above than 600 patients daily and has been getting exceptionally high positive response rate out of it.  However,... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Herbs

A condition that causes physical disability in the development of human being by affecting the brain and nervous system is known as Cerebral Palsy. The word “Cerebral” basically means affected area in the brain whereas the word “palsy” stands for partial or complete muscle paralysis that is accompanied by the uncontrolled body movements as well as loss of sensation. This disorder is however, not progressive but develops during childbirth or pregnancy. There are various treatments available to cure cerebral palsy such as speech therapy, physiotherapy, biofeedback, orthotic therapy,... Read More

Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

Nowadays, there are several therapies in order to treat Cerebral Palsy. It involves physical, speech and psychotheraphy. Still, preventive measure is still important, pregnant mother should take time to visit their doctors. It is imperative for pregnant mothers not to be exposed from infection and be treated from bacterial infection during pregnancy. Prenatal check up can reduce the risk of nutritional deficiencies, diabetes and anemia. Taking proper medication is essential in order to keep the child safe. If the baby is diagnosed with Cerebral palsy, it is essential to start treatment as... Read More

Cerebral Palsy in Adults

Cerebral Palsy in adults is usually described as Chronic Movement Disorder, in which it affects the body movement and muscular coordination. This was caused by the damaged to several areas of the brain that normally occurs during the time of birth. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes (NINDS) studies shows that 65-90 percent of the children who has Cerebral Palsy reach adulthood. Cerebral Palsy may be regard as non-progressive illness however it is associated with secondary health conditions such us muscle stiffness, pain and emotional distress. The treatment for adults... Read More

Cerebral Palsy in Kids

Cerebral palsy is a condition that affects huge number of infants and children every year. The ability of the child to move in a coordinated manner is affected. Cerebral Palsy is also known as brain paralysis caused by abnormal development of the brain that control motor activity and muscle tone of the child. Normally, the sign and symptoms of Cerebral Palsy appear during the early stage of childhood or infancy. For babies with cerebral palsy, their physical and mental developments are usually slow. Which means that would take longer than usual before they learn to roll over, sit, crawl and... Read More

Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation

Cerebral palsy is a condition in which brain cells are damaged and a person loses control over the movement of muscles. The word cerebral basically refers to the brain and palsy stands for “weakness” or “lack of muscle control”. The development of posture and movement is badly affected by this disorder. These problems are believed to arise from non progressive disturbances that are caused in the brain of an infant. The motor disorders of cerebral palsy is mainly accompanied by communication, impaired cognition, sensory perception, seizure disorders behavioral abnormalities or... Read More