Cerebral Palsy Causes

Cerebral palsy is a condition that affects, among other things, the nervous system and motor skill function, as well as muscle coordination.   Cerebral Palsy is usually caused by brain damage that occurs during developmental stages, which can be detected in young children.


A number of different causes can be pointed to in an individual at high risk for cerebral palsy.  Since cerebral palsy is usually caused by brain damage during early developmental stages, it is important to monitor the signs and symptoms of individuals who are at high risk.  The condition may be difficult to detect in some children, so it’s always a good idea to consult a proper medical doctor if you think your child may have cerebral palsy.


A child may be at high risk of being affected by cerebral palsy if there are complications during child birth.  All known cerebral palsy causes involve damage to the brain during early developmental stages.  Additionally, complications during child birth  can contribute to the under-developing of the baby’s nervous system and brain.  Detecting the condition in your child early is vital, so that proper treatment and therapy may improve their quality of life.


There are times when exact cerebral palsy causes in a child may never be completely determined.  Some children born with cerebral palsy may have experienced brain damage as a result of something which occurred very early on in the pregnancy.  Other children may not develop or exhibit signs of the condition until later on in childhood, making it nearly impossible to pinpoint the exact cause of the condition.


Another cause of cerebral palsy, can come in the form of seizures.  Severe seizures can cause the loss of vital oxygen to the brain, which is needed to adequately function.  A young child who has a seizure disorder, may be at a higher risk of developing cerebral palsy.  The lack of oxygen to the brain during a seizure can cause damage to the brain, mainly to the cerebellum.  It is recommended that you seek the advice of a physician if you detect warning signs of cerebral palsy in your child.


The cerebral palsy is actually caused by the abnormality and disruption in the brain development, generally before the child is born. In a lot of cases, exact trigger of abnormality is not known. The factors, which can lead to the problems with the brain development comprise of:


  • Maternal infections affect developing fetus
  • Random mutations in the genes, which control the brain development
  • Lack of the oxygen to brain (or asphyxia) to difficult labor and delivery
  • Fetal stroke, disruption of the blood supply to developing brain
  • The traumatic head injury to infant from the motor vehicle accident, child abuse or fall
  • Infant infections cause inflammation in and around brain


Te chief among the Cerebral Palsy causes is the insufficient amount of the oxygen and poor flow of the blood reaching fetal and newborn brain. This is actually caused by the premature separation of placenta, the awkward birth position, labor goes on very long or is abrupt, and interference with umbilical cord.


The cerebral palsy is been caused by the brain injury and brain malformation, which happens while brain is developing — during and after the birth — in the areas of brain, which affect the mobility. The cerebral palsy generally affects the muscle control, muscle tone, muscle coordination, posture, reflex, and balance. It will as well impact the fine motor skills, motor functioning and gross motor skills.


Each case of the cerebral palsy is very unique to an individual. It is because of a part by type of the injury & timing of injury to developing brain. Brain damage, which causes the cerebral palsy is the result of either:

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