Cerebral Palsy in Kids

Cerebral palsy is a condition that affects huge number of infants and children every year. The ability of the child to move in a coordinated manner is affected. Cerebral Palsy is also known as brain paralysis caused by abnormal development of the brain that control motor activity and muscle tone of the child. Normally, the sign and symptoms of Cerebral Palsy appear during the early stage of childhood or infancy. For babies with cerebral palsy, their physical and mental developments are usually slow. Which means that would take longer than usual before they learn to roll over, sit, crawl and walk. One to three out of a thousand children born are affected by CP.

Cerebral Palsy is not contagious that you can catch from anyone, it is a congenital disorder meaning it is already existing before birth or at birth. Oftentimes, Cerebral Palsy in kid’s life limits their opportunity to enjoy their childhood. Children with this condition can still improve their abilities with the help of appropriate interventions like proper medical and physical care including therapies. The number of kids with cerebral palsy increased over time. One of the possible reasons is that more premature babies are surviving. More likely they are those who suffer from congenital disease like cerebral palsy. According to the research, infants who weigh less than 3.3 pounds have a higher risk of developing Cerebral Palsy compared to full-term infants.

Cerebral Palsy in kids may affect the things that they can do everyday. Sadly, some kids are locked up in wheelchairs while others can walk with assistance of crutches or braces. Their speaking abilities are affected too, some children may not be able to utter even a single word.

Controlling the muscles and movement is difficult for kids with cerebral Palsy. In a normal state of kid’s body, the brain tells the rest of the body what to do and when to do it. however, since CP is a condition that affects the brain and it weakens the body of the child, even if the brain was able to absorb the information, a kid might not be able to eat, walk and talk like the way other kids do.

Specialist like Pediatric Neurologist, Pediatric Orthopedist, Developmental Pediatricial and Pediatic Physiatrist can help the child with Cerebral Palsy. Pediatric Neurologist checks the brain and the nervous system. Pediatric Orthopedist handles the problems with bones and joints. Developmental Pediatricial monitors the kid’ growth and development compared with other kids at the same age and Pediatic Physiatrist is the specialist for disabled kids of different kinds.

For parents and family members, it is not easy to take care of children with Cerebral Palsy, it requires patience, understanding, acceptance and love. There are guidelines on how to properly take care of the kids with Cerebral Palsy, from their food intake down to the activities that they can perform.

Activities are limited and it should be according to their capabilities. Forcing them will greatly affect their physical and emotional being. Whenever there are activities, kids would love to hear appreciation. It will make them feel good about themselves and uplift their spirit.

Kids should maintain balanced diet. They have to eat adequate amount of nutrition from protein and calories, like fruits, vegetable, eggs, whole grains and lean proteins. Variety of nutritional intake will prevent them from further deficiencies.

Interestingly, according to a group of scientist video games for kids like Nintendo’s can help the child with Cerebral Palsy, through light to moderate physical activity. It offers enjoyment at the same time rehabilitation therapy.

It is good to keep the child busy from different activities, it is a therapy for them and will help their development.

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