Cerebral Palsy Activities

Cerebral Palsy is basically a disorder that causes abnormalities in human brain, thus affects ability to control the muscles of human body.  It is always advised to start working on the treatment and activities for cerebral palsy so the person suffering from this disorder could lead a normal and independent life without having to rely upon other people.

You could make use of exercises, physiotherapy, games and other outdoor activities if your child is having this acute problem. By making use of cerebral palsy activities, your child won’t be stressed out and also would be able to improve his/ her physical skills. Such outdoor activities also tend to bring to stress relief and mental benefits as they act as fun factor in the life of patients. However, you need to make sure that you are using right activities for your child to enjoy. Below mentioned are few cerebral palsy activities that could be used for children suffering from this disorder:

  • Let your child explore different things from surrounding by putting him/her on the floor. In this way, they would be able to lie still in one particular spot and you would be required to help them change their position often.
  • You also would be required to take your child out in the zoos, gardens, markets or playgrounds as it would play a significant role in developing the sensory system.
  • Try putting toys at some distance as it would make your child to crawl or reach out to fetch them. You also need to ensure that toys are stimulating in shape, color, smell and texture along with easy to play rather than being complicated.
  • You should also try to encourage your child to put away toys even if it takes time.
  • Try to enroll your child in different physical exercise programs as they are meant to cater needs of special children.
  • You should encourage your child to make friends and ensure that your child is a part of their play rather than being isolated.
  • Swimming is considered to be highly beneficial for reducing or increasing muscle tone, thus help in improving respiratory abilities. Therefore, you should take your child for swimming more often.
  • Another one of the most important cerebral palsy activities is to make your child play games with balls as it would help him/ her to develop motor skills as well as good coordination.
  • In order to help your child get an effective exercise for hands, you could give hi/ her clay to mold or roll.
  • You could also give pictures to your child and let him/ her identify different objects or even people.
  • Take your child on a bicycle ride with you or help him/ her ride tricycle as it would be a great exercise of whole body.
  • You need to provide your child with plenty of opportunities to smile and laugh about so they could feel good about themselves rather than getting into a complex.


Activities of a child with Cerebral Palsy have therapeutical effect. As early as possible, they should be engaged in activities, it will help their physical and mental development. Physical therapy is one of the appropriate treatments for a child with Cerebral Palsy, the earliest that it is given, greater chances that he/she will have a normal and independent life.  It is also significant to their well being, the more active they are, less depressive tendency. It will serve as their outlet. Activities with other children will make them feel that they are part of the society, that they have a role to play regardless of their condition.

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