Cerebral Palsy and Dating

Previously, the issue about dating a person with Cerebral Palsy is considered a social taboo meaning unacceptable. There are instances before that if you were dating or married to someone with CP you tend to hide the relationship in order to avoid questions and criticism. Our world is driven by physical perfection and person with Cerebral Palsy are commonly victim of rejection. Individual with CP often think that their situation will hinder them from building a normal relationship. Some even avoided the idea of being in a relationship.

Fortunately, our society become more and more open-minded and was able to accept changes.

Dating is a courtship process in which two people will be able to know each other better. It is an act of meeting and engaging in an intimate manner like going out, dining together and attending activities in public. In dating there’s no restriction or discriminations. Everyone deserves to have a lifetime partner.

Cerebral Palsy and Dating may sound impossible for some people but it is definitely possible. Dating, relationships and love shouldn’t stop just because the person that you love has disabilities. A person with Cerebral Palsy may have limited actions, may not be able to go out with someone at all times, may not be able to wear fancy dresses but loving someone is not about that.

Dating someone with Cerebral Palsy is quite a challenge. You have to assist him/her, you have to be on her side to attend on his/her need but if it is the person you love, is it hard to show that you care? Definitely not. Acceptance is essential in order to make it work. Once you decided to date a person with cerebral palsy, you should accept everything about him/her. The things that he/she can do and cannot do.

People can be very judgmental at times especially if it involves relationship. But keep in mind that love is unconditional, it know no boundaries. It is proven that many disabled people are successful with their relationship and family life. And they are living a normal life. Studies show that relationship of two disabled person are stronger compared to able-bodied people because they value what is on the inside more than the physical attributes. They don’t judge each other instead they accepted their imperfections.

Josh Blue is one of the people who successfully found a better half. According to him, his family never treated him as a disabled person, instead they treated him like the others though there are few adjustment. He took up Liberal Arts in Washington and became a comedian. He met Yuko Kubato before his primetime fame on NBC’s Last Comic Standing was launch. According to Yuko, Josh simply charmed her with his smile and the way he makes her laugh. His disability didn’t stop Yuko from loving and accepting Josh. Josh and Yuko looked good together and they are indeed a great example of unconditional love.

Josh Blue said that “Everybody has a disability, whether you admit it or not. Sure, disability is a label, but it’s one I don’t give a shit about. Life is too short. Just go all-out and enjoy the fuck out of it.”, and it is definitely right.

Being with the person with CP, It is important to have knowledge about the condition in order to take care of the person properly, their exercises, therapies and medicines. If you love them, you are very much willing to learn how to keep them safe.

Nowadays, there are online communities who also support dating and socialization of people with Cerebral Palsy. The rise of internet created more opportunities for them to find friends and partners. Disability is irrelevant if you love someone so Cerebral Palsy and Dating is really, really possible.

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