Cerebral Palsy Herbs

A condition that causes physical disability in the development of human being by affecting the brain and nervous system is known as Cerebral Palsy. The word “Cerebral” basically means affected area in the brain whereas the word “palsy” stands for partial or complete muscle paralysis that is accompanied by the uncontrolled body movements as well as loss of sensation. This disorder is however, not progressive but develops during childbirth or pregnancy.

There are various treatments available to cure cerebral palsy such as speech therapy, physiotherapy, biofeedback, orthotic therapy, conductive education or hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It is always advised to start treatment as soon as possible to avoid any problem in future. However, the choice of treatment depends entirely upon the severity of the condition. One of the most effective treatments for cerebral palsy is herbal therapy. It has been shown by various studies that herbal remedies tend to play a vital role for the treatment of cerebral palsy. You could make use of few drops of tulsi, garlic and marigold as medication. It has also been found that Ayurvedic medicine also act as an effective option out of all cerebral palsy herbs treatment.

Ginger plays a major role in improving circulation to the extremities and considered one of the most effective cerebral palsy herbs. If you want an improved circulation throughout your body then it is always advised to make use of prickly ash. Ginkgo is also considered to be a great ingredient to improved blood circulation in human body. To have better circulation of blood is always important to have because it levels the optimal oxygen and highly essential nutrients would reach to brain as well as nerve cells, thus making use of cerebral palsy could help you improve circulation without any side effects.

In order to prevent cell damage, antioxidant rich herbs play a significant role in this regard. Ginger, rosemary and ginkgo biloba are cited for their high antioxidant content. Antioxidants help human body to have proper oxygen utilization that is highly important for brain, muscle and nerve functioning.

It is always advised to the patients of cerebral palsy to make use of zinc sulfate as it provides great help in improving health status, metabolism as well as immune system of children. It has also been found that 97% of the people suffering from cerebral palsy tend to have deficiency in zinc metabolism and after an experiment, it was proved that the group of children getting required amount of zinc showed great improvement in their health status as well as metabolism.

Other cerebral palsy herbs that could help patient get better and gain control of his/ her life includes lavender, lime flowers, elderflower, chamomile and thyme. Although these herbs don’t completely cure the patient suffering from this cerebral palsy but definitely helps to treat many other complications. Yoga or massage also helps in easing the symptoms by relaxing and strengthening muscles as well as flexibility of the joints.

The Indian Herbal Therapy and Research Foundation (IHTRF) have taken up the challenge to give an effective treatment for Cerebral Palsy. The special formulated herbal medicine and oil from the forest of Silent valley in India showed positive results. The treatment offers hope for individual with Cerebral Palsy.

Regardless of the treatment you are choosing to improve condition but it is always important to consult your doctor before using it. It would help you to get a clear picture and avoid any side effects that might prevail. Alternative medicine is indeed helpful, it can help nourish the brain, improve motor control and mental sharpness of the person with cerebral palsy.

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