Acupuncture for Cerebral Palsy

The childhood disability that affects the muscle tone, motor skills and movement is known as Cerebral palsy. It has been found that 1 out 300 children tend to suffer from this disorder there hasn’t been a proper and complete cure found for this disorder. However, acupuncture therapy is gaining rapid popularity these days and considers being an effective therapy in treating cerebral palsy.

It has been found that Vietnam hospital is providing cerebral palsy acupuncture therapy to above than 600 patients daily and has been getting exceptionally high positive response rate out of it.  However, there hasn’t been a proper scientific study on this therapy that proves its ability to treat cerebral palsy but few recent research studies have shown that cerebral palsy acupuncture might have the ability to cure patients suffering from this acute problem. According to research it is one of the effective therapies for a person with Cerebral Palsy and can improve the condition of the patient.

Acupuncture is basically a technique that is intended to improve the life of people suffering from disability resulted from cerebral palsy and helps them restore their well being and health. It involves insertion of needles into the acupuncture points on human body with the help of trained practitioners. The type of needles that is most commonly used these days is made up of stainless steel and is approximately the same diameter as guitar string’s thickness is. The needle used for the therapy is sterilized with autoclave or ethylene oxide. Moreover, the upper third portion of the needle is wounded with the thicker wire made up of bronze in order to stiffen the needle and to provide the acupuncturist a proper handle to get a grasp while inserting needle. It also provides a proper surface to let the dried mugwort adhere easily.

It has been found that acupuncture therapy tends to improve the fine motor functions and other health related matters of children with spastic cerebral palsy more than an intense conventional therapies alone. Moreover, the level of persistence of fine motor skills achieved with the help of cerebral palsy acupuncture in combination with the intense conventional therapies would be greater than the results achieved by making use of those intense conventional therapies alone.

In 2010, it was shown in a published research paper that acupuncture plays a significant role in helping child suffering from this disorder to develop ability to function properly and increase verbal ability as well as independence. The results o this particular research paper is reliable as it involved almost 3,286 children having cerebral palsy. Moreover, another research was conducted on this particular condition and it was found that acupuncture plays a major role in helping children improve their speech along with boosting their bone density.

In Zhejiang Medical University in China, they researched and eventually use acupuncture for children who suffers from infantile Cerebral Palsy. 75 patients have been part of this study. It was used to evaluate the performance of the child including physical activity, social adaptability and their intelligence. Scalp and body acupuncture has been used on this study. Result showed a very positive improvement in a child’s physical ability and it surprisingly increased mental capability of the child.

However, you need to make sure that before starting using cerebral palsy acupuncture, you need to consult your doctor and take his/ her permission. They would be able to guide and support you properly and provide extensive information regarding acupuncture therapy so you could get a fair idea about this therapy and the benefits that could be obtained by making use of it.

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