Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

Nowadays, there are several therapies in order to treat Cerebral Palsy. It involves physical, speech and psychotheraphy. Still, preventive measure is still important, pregnant mother should take time to visit their doctors. It is imperative for pregnant mothers not to be exposed from infection and be treated from bacterial infection during pregnancy. Prenatal check up can reduce the risk of nutritional deficiencies, diabetes and anemia. Taking proper medication is essential in order to keep the child safe.

If the baby is diagnosed with Cerebral palsy, it is essential to start treatment as early as possible. The following are the possible therapies for a child with Cerebral Palsy.

Physical Therapy

It helps improve the development of large muscles such as leg muscles, arms and abdomen. Physical therapy will help the child to learn how to walk, use a wheelchair, stand on their own or simply go up and down the stairs without assistance. Normally, physical therapy begins on the early stage of child’s life. This therapy may prevent future complication like musculoskeletal complication. It will also help avoid the deterioration of muscles due to inactivity of muscle.

Occupational Therapy

It helps to improve the small muscles of the body like facial muscle, hands, feet, fingers and toes. Occupational therapy usually teaches skills for daily survival such as eating and dressing alone. This therapy ensures that a person will eventually be able to take care of himself/herself like for instance roperly positioning oneself in his wheelchair. It also involves activities like writing, drawing and brushing their teeth. Occupational therapy could possibly help the individual to find the special equipment that can be use in his/her daily activities.

Speech and Language Therapy

It helps develop better control of the jaw and mouth muscle in order to improve the speech and language skill of the person with Cerebral Palsy. This therapy provides methods to effectively communicate and creative communication remedy for those who cannot speak. If a person with CP is able to talk, this therapy can help in making their speech clearer and in improving their listening skill however if a person cannot talk he/she can learn sign language or special equipments like computer is a remedy.


Though surgery is not actually necessary for individuals with Cerebral palsy but it is recommended for certain cases. It is normally recommended if CP patient needs to improve muscle development. Correct contractures and reduce the spasticity of the legs. Long term effect for surgeries is inevitable, make sure that the doctors will discuss the risks involve. For children who will undergo surgery, it is best to ask for second opinion. Keep in mind that it not necessary but in some instances it can help the person with CP to achieve his/her normal functioning.

Drug Therapy

Medications may be prescribed in some cases to prevent or control seizures caused by Cerebral palsy. Drugs are effective in preventing seizures but overtime time a person body normally develop tolerance to the medicine and doctors may advise to increase the dosage. Also, it may not completely correct complication or eliminate it but evidences show that it somehow helps manage seizures ans spasticity. Keep in mind that medicine should be prescribed by the specialist who knows the condition or the history of the patient. Some common type medications are the following:

Phenobarbital or Phenytoin – it will help prevent seizure

Antispasmodics – to reduce muscle spasms and muscle relaxation

Baclofen – helps in controlling muscle contractions and relaxing tight muscles

Anticholinergics – helps in controlling abnormal and sudden movements caused by athetoid      cerebral palsy

Certain types of laxatives – it treats constipation commonly associated with the condition.




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